The S.H.E. Gallery Show

Since 2017 CAN T.V.'s non-profit services have helped us provide platform for inspiring artists and other local people of all ages and backgrounds to share their inspiring stories to help inspire you too. ​​

Stay Inspired.

Season One

​​Tuesdays at 6:30pm CST
January 03, 2017 - March 28, 2017

Hosted by Dulce Maria Diaz and Dianne Pasola
Technical Engineer, Lucy Mae

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La Brocha

January 3, 2017

Meet La Brocha's Judith Rocha and Yadira Montoya as we learn more about their healing arts collective for the elderly focusing on Alzeihmer's Disease.

[email protected]​​​​​​​

Alma Dominguez
Nicolas Diaz

January 10, 2017

Human Rights, Resources you may not know you had presented by Alma Dominguez - family life plannings and education for the communities including immigrants. Also introducing Nicolas Diaz of Mariachi Real Guadalajara - a self-made man, inspiring immigrant and professional musician from Mexico to Chicago-no borders.

Alma Dominguez
[email protected]​​​​

Mariachi Real Guadalajara (773) 401-4688

Miguel Cambray - Louis A. Cairo
January 17, 2017

Meet Educator and Entrepeneur, Miguel A. Cambray and Louis A. Cairo - touching on roots, culture, business and the importance of education. ​​​​​​​

Sexual Assault  -
Mujeres Latinas en Accion
January 24, 2017

Discussion, testimonials and resources regarding Child Molestation and Rape. Join us and guest speaker, Eliana Buenrostro, Community Educator and Volunteer Supervisor for Sexual Assault Program with Mujeres en Accion.

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Nicolas Diaz Jr. -
Andres "Zero" Deheza

Meet Artist and Board of Director, Nicolas Diaz Jr. and young hip hop artist, Andres "Zero" Deheza. Inspiring artist, shares his struggles as a kid growing up in the city of Chicago and how education and art helped him shape him into the inspiring artist he is today. Also meet Andres Deheza and learn he faces the struggles of growing up in the city of Chicago today - 18 year old musical emerging artist shares his story and his rhymes "live".

Nicolas Diaz Jr.​ [email protected]
Andres "Zero" Deheza​ [email protected]

Henry "Gape" Gonzalez -
Eliza "Sobe" Delgado
February 7, 2017

Chicago Local Artists and Entrepenuers: Meet Henry "GAPE" Gonzalez, artist and founder of SoulSkool Studios and Eliza "SOBE" Delgado, artist and founder of CHI Represent. Learn of how their Chicago rooted passion for the arts have helped them shape into their professions as artists and inspiring entrepreneurs today.

Henry "GAPE" Gonzalez [email protected]​​​​
Eliza "SOBE" Delgado CHI Represent [email protected]​​

Immigration Laws Attorney - Daissy Dominguez
February 14, 2017

Join us and meet Chicago Latina Female Attorney, Daissy Domiguez as she shares her role as an attorney in Chicago specializing in immigration laws. Learn more and join in the conversation on immigration and the Muslim Ban - rights you should know about.

​​​[email protected]​​​​

Kathy Cummings - ​
Civilian Police Accountability Council, CPAC

Meet retired teacher, environmentalist and activist, Kathy Cummings. Learning about her as a retired teacher environmentalist and her current role with Civialian Police Accountability Council, CPAC. ​

[email protected]
Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC)​​​​​​

Alfonso "Piloto" Nieves-Ruiz -  ​Billie Gauche
February 28, 2017

Say hello again to Soular System's soulful artists Alfonso "Piloto" Nieves-Ruiz and Billie Gauche. Learn more about the origins of Piloto's authentic work and his role as a teaching artist - his strong, provoking visual communications as a practicing artist and activist. Also learn about the young poet, visual and healing artist, Billie Gauche - learn more about her practice with the power of the tarot and how she helps us help the self.

Alfonso "Piloto" Nieves-Ruiz  [email protected]​​​​
Billie Gauche
Mother of Nine Elevation
[email protected]​​

Maria Diaz - Isabella  Streeper
March 7, 2017

Introducing Maria Diaz sharing her inspiring story as an immigrant, Air Force Veteran, great role model and FDA public liason. Also meet her daughter, young gymnast, Isabella Streeper - learn of how she overcomes her struggles as a competing gymnast and how family has been a core to the balance of her dedicating practice and academic studies. ​​​​​​​

Oliver"Fade" Torres -
Dion McGill 
Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence
March 21, 2017

Meet Oliver "Fade" Torres is a creator, philosopher, an idealist, and immigrant.​​​​​
Also meet, Dion McGill, Program Manager for the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence.

Your Hosts -
Dulce Maria Diaz
Dianne Pasola
March 28, 2017

Thank you for joining us for our first season. ​​​​​​​