Illinois Medical District
Chicago Graffiti Mural Project

"Chicago-Style Graffiti: 4 Seasons"
2023 W. Ogden Ave. Mural Production

Fall 2022, Illinois Medical District Arts Council member Dulce Maria Diaz, owner of SHE Gallery and Pilsen resident brought together an amazing group of ten Chicago-style graffiti writers:

And linework art by DULCE37

The vacant building owned by the IMD sits prominently at the Ogden/Damen/Polk intersection. The east wall now features a series of graffiti pieces based on the theme of the four seasons adorned with unifying linework. The north wall pays homage to the City of Chicago, utilizing the colors of the Chicago flag. 

This mural features graffiti works from  well known and respected writers that began their practice as early as first generation, the 80's, 90's and NEEN, who made his way into the evolution of Chicago-Style Graffiti during the 2000's! This graffiti production is adorned by artist and curator, DULCE37's linework representing everlasting unity and love movement.

Watch S.H.E. Gallery CAN TV interviews and learn more about some of the participating artists here: B-BOY B, DEBS, EMTE, MR. FESS and TRIXTER

This mural was sponsored and supported by the Illinois Medical District in support of Chicago Graffiti History Education.

2023 W. Ogden Avenue, Chicago, IL


Chicago-Style Graffiti: 4 Seasons Mural Production

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