S.H.E. Gallery is a unique arts and education based non-profit corporation dedicated to promotion of self-esteem, unity and equality.

Through the arts and education we promote communication and self-esteem as root to help reach equality and respect for life.


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Broadcasting live with CAN TV - The S.H.E. Gallery Show Hotline - Introducing local artists and doers- communication is education.
Our themed art exhibitions share cultural education and provoke thought to political and social issues.Showcasing emerging and seasoned artists creates a sense of equality. We strive to help reach the highest of human potentials and respect to all life. 

The S.H.E. Gallery Show Season II Host, Diaz and Guest, Jade Milenna Aguilar, July 2017 w/ CAN T.V.

The unity of humanity and importance of peace, especially during this Age, is absolutely priceless.  May it be the end of a world - May that mean that it is the beginning of a collective conscious awakening, some called it the Revelation. It’s important to know how important we are and our potentials.

                        -Dulce Maria Diaz
Not your usual art gallery - we host art exhibitions at traditional and non-traditional spaces throughout the City of Chicago - collaborating with various artists and other community empowering organizations. No, you don't need an art degree nor a resume - S.H.E. Gallery is the place to feel like you belong because you do. Now Accepting Board of Director Member Applications!

Debbie VanDen Boom reads at "Mi Maldita Hisotira: La Mia Tambien"with Mujeres Latinas en Accion, April 2018
Photo by Efren Martinez Villalobos

"...​​S.H.E. Gallery is taking active strides to push objectives like equality and opportunity to the forefront of their mission. Director Dulce Maria Diaz is using her platform to focus attention on the content of work and ensuring that the voice of the artist is not lost in the ever-spining carousel that is the comtemporary art world. Art can speak to everything throughout all cultures and Diaz is making sure that everyone who has something to say gets heard. She has taken on the task to operate as the voice and legs for artists who might not otherwise find opportunities to exhibit their work, and therein lays the importance of what she is doing..."

                    -Jorie Senese, " Soular System" Exhibition Art Review